Seminar on Ways to Save 1,000-Year-Old Iron Lion

Experts gathered here Friday to explore ways to save China's, and perhaps the world's biggest iron lion from collapsing.

Built in 953 and listed in 1961 as one of China's first batch of cultural relics under State protection, the 40-ton iron lion in Cangzhou, Hebei province, begin to crack during the past two years with some 20 rusty holes forming on its body.

Five experts on metal protection, cultural heritage protection and engineering structure attended the seminar at the invitation of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, which sponsored the seminar.

The experts are scheduled to discuss the proposals solicited from around the country and recommend the best possible proposal to the Hebei Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage, which is in charge of repairing and protecting the iron lion.

On March 14, four experts from the United States, Britain and Japan visited the decaying iron lion at the invitation of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and put forward their suggestions on how to save and protect it.

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