Chinese Herbal Medicine to be Industrialized in the 10th Five Years Plan Period

To shift the superiority of Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) in the cultural aspect into the economical one, the industrialization of the CTM and quickening its pace of technical progress has been listed as a project of key importance in the tenth Five-year Plan.

The State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) and the State Drug Administration have recently brought forward a "Plan On Industrialization of Modern CTM" (PIMC), which is now put underway.

CTM is known as the traditional industry of the Chinese nation. Its total output value in 1999 reached 38.5 bn yuan, which accounted for some 20 percent of gross production value of the drug industry. PIMC is launched to develop the CTM production with an involvement of high-tech results, cultivating high-quality seed of Chinese herbs and advancing its production technology in extraction, separation, preparation and production. And thus, a batch of the CTM enterprises in China can be expected to make step toward in the advancement of technology and equipment.

SDPC stressed that PIMC is to support those projects with advanced technology, and no endeavor will be made to develop the repeated projects or simply enlarge the production scale.

By PD Online staff member Yin Zhili

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