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Friday, March 16, 2001, updated at 16:05(GMT+8)

China to Launch New Century Talents Project

China has declared to launch an all-round talent project in the first five-year period of the new century.

The project includes: China will increase the annual enrollment of students into colleges and universities; set up or adjust some disciplines specialties in certain institutions of higher education; devote main efforts to promoting reform and innovation in economic, sci-tech, educational and other fields, so that innovation will become the soul of better national qualities. In the global contention for talents, China will launch a contest for talents for the realization of sustainable development and defending their security.

China will vigorously expedite the higher education popularization project and will raise the attendance rate of university students of the same age to 15 percent in the next 10 years, the number of university students to be enrolled in 2010 is expected to reach 4.5 million in China.

Talents required for the new century will have six major abilities: having global and international languages, culture, knowledge and field of vision; the ability to update their knowledge structure, master new studying ways and scientific working methods, grasp the development trend of frontier science and technology and constantly renew social demands; the spirit and ability to engage in study, make innovation, start undertaking and render service; the skill at absorbing and assimilating the cultural essence of various nations around the world; the ability to pursue the harmonious relations between man and nature and pay high attention to environmental protection; the ability to integrate scientific spirit and scientific methods with humanistic spirit and artistic methods so that application of science and technology can better facilitate the cultural progress of human society and harmonious evolution will be achieved between man and nature.

It is also clearly stated in the 10th Five-Year Plan that China will update its teaching contents, improve the instructional methods and the examination system; that it will promote quality-oriented education, stress the training of people's creative spirit and practical ability; universally improve laborers' qualities, and that it will adopt the strategy of building a mighty contingent of highly qualified talents.

By PD Online staff member Du Minghua

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China has declared to launch an all-round talent project in the first five-year period of the new century.

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