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Monday, March 12, 2001, updated at 11:14(GMT+8)

Prolonged Strategic Thinking with Development as Theme: Commentary

Taking development as the theme, which is the guideline put forward by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 15th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) for the formulation of the 10th Five-year Plan, has become the common view held by NPC deputies and CPPCC members attending the "two sessions" (the Fourth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress and the Fourth Session of the Ninth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), the common will of the whole Party and people of all nationalities of the country, and the strategic thinking which we must uphold for a long time to come.

"Development is an absolute principle", which is a thesis of historical materialism, contains an extremely profound thinking. Without development, the country would not become strong, the people would not get rich, the nation would not be rejuvenated, the superiority of the socialist system would not be brought into full play, and it would be difficult for China to make still greater contribution to the cause of human progress. That is what is meant by "development being an absolute principle".

Development naturally refers to all-round development centered on economic growth. It includes both material advancement as well as cultural and ethical progress. Development should be manifested in the constant enhancement of economic strength, national defense power and cohesion of the nation. Development aims to make the motherland prosperous and strong and the people enjoy common affluence.

Development requires that we should be good at seizing opportunities and meeting challenges. Grasping the opportunity for development is something concrete, not an empty slogan. We should analyze and study everyone of the development opportunities facing us. The rapid pace of world scientific and technological progress, economic restructuring being conducted in various countries, the transfer of international industries, the quickened circulation of technical funds, etc.-all these provide us with opportunities for development. Whether or not we can fully understand and timely grasp these chances, whether this grasp is tight and effective, whether the methods and measures used are right and workable, is the key determining whether or not development opportunities can be grasped.

Meeting challenges is also something concrete. With phenomenal achievements gained in reform and construction, some cadres may possibly have the sentiment of staying where they are, and showing no desire to make progress; with the development of the market economy, some cadres may possibly become corrupt and degenerate for being lured by increasing materials; the practice of opening to the outside world makes it possible to import advanced things and unavoidably bring in negative and corrupt things, hostile forces of the West will inevitably seize the opportunity to step up their infiltration into China; in the process of economic restructuring, due to unsound and imperfect law, system, management and procedures, lax and chaotic phenomena may occur in economic and social order.

The rapid development of world science and technology makes it possible to widen the gap between China and the advanced world level; the further opening to the outside world and the rapid development of the international financial market will confront us with fiercer international competition and will thus make our task to safeguard economic security more arduous; China's impending entry into the WTO is, in one aspect, favorable to us, it may also bring impact on some of our industrial fields; with new trade protectionism raising its head in the world, the struggle between dumping and anti-dumping, sanction and anti-sanction facing us may possibly be aggravated; the so-called hi-tech migratory policies practiced by Western and some newly emerging market-oriented countries have confronted us with the furious war of contention for talents, etc. These challenges and risks must be solved piecemeal as we uphold development as the main theme.

We have possessed the advantageous conditions for speeding up development. Through the development over the past half century, particularly over more than two decades of reform and opening up, China's overall national strength has noticeably strengthened, social productive forces have increased dramatically, an enormous material and technical foundation has thus been formed. .

China has a huge population and great market potential. Along with the perfection of the socialist market economic structure, the role played by the market mechanism in promoting economic development will be continually enhanced. People of all nationalities of the county have, on the basis of common ideals and common interests, constantly reinforced their unity. A passel of cadres and talents with new knowledge and pioneering spirit have kept coming to the fore. We have accumulated a wealth of new experiences whereby we can control the whole situation regarding economic and social development under complicated circumstances.

These are favorable conditions for us to speed up development. Deng Xiaoping Theory has gone ever deeper into people's hearts. The whole Party has constantly enhanced its self-consciousness in implementing the important idea contained in the "three representatives", the staunch leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core is the fundamental guarantee for us to quicken development. Although there will be difficulties and risks in our way forward, the prospect of development is infinitely broad and bright. We should advance with full confidence.

This is the second article written by Our Commentator on new situations, new tasks and new work-styles, which is published on the front page of People's Daily March 8.

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Taking development as the theme, which is the guideline put forward by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 15th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) for the formulation of the 10th Five-year Plan, has become the common view held by NPC deputies and CPPCC members attending the "two sessions" .

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