International Communication Automation Institute Under Construction

The Institute of Automation under Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS), Shougang Group and Beijing Science & Technology Association are ready to build an International Communication Automation Institute for oversea research counterparts, so as to promote the exchange of technology and industrialization of research fruits at home and abroad.

The institute will first build up a partnership with Shougang Group in terms of turning the research result into industrialized products, according to Dr. Wang Yangsheng, research fellow with IACAS, also general manager of Beijing Zhongke Model Identification Technology Co Ltd. Wang, who ever studied and stayed abroad for over ten years, expressed his welcome for overseas researchers to return and join in this cause.

Shougang Group, always standing at the forefront of China's metallurgy industry, has already set its foot onto the high-tech industry in recent years. Last year saw a turnover of 2.6 billion yuan reaped from the large-scale integrated circuit, industrial robots, automobiles, air-conditioners, touch screen computers, software, large-capacity CD and biological chip, etc.

In the meanwhile IACAS is mainly engaged in the R&D of intelligent communication process system, intelligent control and other high-tech fields. So far, it has succeeded in developing a series of high-tech products, epitomizing in Human/Machine Dialogue System, Advanced Robots Controller, Lie Detector, etc. The Model Identification (MI) Lab, as one of the state key laboratories with IACAS undertakes the studies of fundamental theory of MI, computer visualization, Image process and graphics, language identification, etc.

By PD Online Staff Member Yin Zhili

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