China Drafts Five-Year High-Tech Research Plan

China is expected to focus its high-tech research on information technology, biological technology, new materials, advanced manufacturing technology, and space and aviation technology in the coming five years.

According to the draft outline of China's 10th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development in 2001-2005, which was tabled to the top legislature Monday for approval, high-speed broadband networks, high performance computers, super large-scale integrated circuits, large-scale applied software, national space information application and service are placed high in the list of major high-tech research targets.

Priority will also be given to research work on bio-chips, genetically-modified animals and plants, genetically-engineered pharmaceutical products and vaccines; new material technology such as materials with special function, nanometer-structured materials,high-performance structural materials; and advanced integrated manufacturing system, robot and aircraft manufacturing technology,and space and aviation technology.

According to the draft outline, presented by Premier Zhu Rongji,efforts will be made to step up research into basic applied sciences so as to score new progress in such fields as genome science, information science, nanometric technology, ecological science, geoscience and space science.

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