Mitsubishi Made Public Compensation Scheme to Pajero V31, V33 Vehicle Users

On February 28, representatives for Mitsubishi paid a visit to China Consumers' Association (the CCA) out with their compensation program to Pajero V31, V33 land-cruisers users in China.

Mitsubishi promised to repair the hidden problems by replacing the vittae for the Chinese consumers free of charge. And then it will reset the guarantee periods of the examined parts as from the inspection date onwards, pay for relevant charges of food, tour and other necessary expenses for consumers within an area of 100 kilometers away from its service stations. It also promised to pay the charges for renting cars as substitutions if its service station cannot finish the reparation work in three hours. With regard to other losses, Mitsubishi promised to pay such compensation as fees for medical treatment, loss of working time, etc.

CCA welcomed Mitsubishi's positive attitude and the program as well. Besides, Mitsubishi provides service telephone as: 010-65614300.

By PD Online Staff Member Du Minghua

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