Young Hi-Tech Pursuers Highlight Health: Report

Chinese young people involved in the high-tech industry take health as their first priority in life, according to a recent Report on Beijing Youth Development.

Sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and the Beijing Youth Institution, the survey was conducted among young people mainly engaged in areas like information technology, environmental science, life science, biomedicines, new materials and new energy.

Those surveyed are all working in Haidian Park of the Zhongguancun Technology Park Zone, sources said.

Successful careers and happy marriages follow good health in the eye of the new generation. They put power and indulgence as last on their list of the most important things in life, according to Tuesday's Beijing Evening News.

Over half of the surveyed said they know more about Bill Gates than Pavel Korqagin, a former Soviet Union revolutionary. The higher their education they have, the more frequently they tend to change their jobs "for more self-development." Four out of 10 said that risk means opportunity.

A rational group of 52.4 percent agreed to premarital assets notarization, saying they did not like to be bounded by marriage.

Surfing on Internet and body building were at the top of the list of their after-work activities.

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