No Compensation Yet for Pajero Victim

Lu Hui, seriously injured in a car accident caused by the failure of the brakes in her Pajero car on December 25, has not received compensation from the Japan- based car maker so far.

Lu Guizhen, Lu's sister, said that the Mitsubishi Beijing Office promised to pay 120,000 yuan (about US$14,400) for Lu Hui's medical treatment. It was the first time for the company to reply to the complaint about the accident.

She does not regard the stated amount of money as an official compensation. She said that the treatment for her sister has cost 150,000 yuan.

Chen Bing, the doctor in charge of the case, is pessimistic about the patient's recovery. He said that she can hardly survive, or would be in coma for the rest of her life if she survives.

Hospital sources said that the money paid beforehand could not keep Lu in hospital for two days, and the payment from Mitsubishi has not arrived yet.

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