Telecom Fees to Be Cut in Macao SAR

Mobile phone and Internet fees in Macao, a special administrative region (SAR) of China, are expected to go down beginning February 1, Monday's Macao Daily News quoted an official as saying.

The negotiation on a new charge program is under way between the government and the Macao Telecommunications Company, which runs franchise telecom business in the region, said Tou Veng Keong, an official in charge of telecom affairs.

While supervising the operation of telecom services, the government will see to it that telecom business in the region will have a sound environment for future development, the official said.

Local business people believe that the cut in telecom fees will bring about more economic competitiveness for the Macao SAR.

In October last year, the government granted business license to two companies which can operate mobile phone service in Macao.

In addition, more companies will be allowed to offer Internet services.

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