Smoking Is on Rise For S.Korean Young Females

One out of five female high school students in Korea smokes tobacco, while one out of every 10 male college students does so, the environmental health department of Soonchunhyang University reported Wednesday.

Professor Han Sung-hyun of the university carried out joint research last year with the Ministry of Health and Welfare on 3,900 students aged from 15 to 24 throughout the nation. They found that the number of female high school students who have smoked was twice that of male college students.

"More female high schoolers are smoking these days. I think the high school students showed a higher rate of smoking than the college kids because most of the high school kids who have been smoking didn't go to college," Professor Han said.

In addition, two out of three young people have imbibed alcohol, with more females (51%) than males (46%) drink-ing. Some 45 percent of the group answered that they had their first drink around the age of 16.

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