Cancer Cases in Yugoslavia Rise Sharply Due to NATO Bombings

Cancer cases in certain regions of Serbia and Kosovo have increased sharply following NATO's air strikes against Yugoslavia, Serb ecologists said Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, Serb ecologists Biljana Tomasevic and Budomir Babic said that cancer cases across Serbia after the Kosovo war have increased by 30 percent, the semi-official Athens News Agency (ANA) reported.

They added that in the areas that were bombed, this increase is estimated at 200 percent.

The consequences of the war in Bosnia are even more serious, they said, adding that 500 out of 5,000 Serbs transferred to the Serb quarters of Sarajevo and Bosnia five years ago have since died of leukemia and other cancers.

The two Serb ecologists said that the 31,000 depleted uranium bombs used by NATO in Yugoslavia have left behind a total of 15 tons of nuclear waste and, if Yugoslavia wants them to be cleaned, the country's soil must be removed at a depth of two meters.

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