Li Peng: China, India Can Cooperate in IT

China and India can conduct exchanges and cooperation in information technology (IT), China's top legislator Li Peng said in Hyderabad Wednesday.

Li, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China, expressed the hope when meeting chief minister of India's Andhra state, Chandrababu Naidu.

Li, who made a stopover in the high-tech city on his way home following a week-long official goodwill visit to India, said the country in recent years has achieved fast development in information technology and the Andhra state has become an important IT base.

He said the two countries can learn from each other's strong points to offset their own weaknesses for the sake of mutual interest.

Li said he appreciated the progress the local government has made in its economic, social, educational, cultural and high-tech sectors. He expressed the hope that Chinese provinces and Indian states could conduct various kinds of exchanges and formulate a long-term contact mechanism.

Expressing his surprise at the great changes and remarkable progress China has made in the past two decades, Naidu briefed Li on his state's development in agriculture, maritime, mining and computer software industries, and on the development plan and steps his government has taken in personnel training, infrastructure, tourism and information industry.

He noted that as both India and China are undertaking reforms and sharing goals in eradicating poverty and improving living standards, they should join hands to create a bright future.

After the meeting, Li visited a local high-tech exhibition and left for Beijing.

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