"Che Guevara" Comes to Hong Kong Stage

"Che Guevara", a play reflecting the Latin American revolutionary hero who fought against imperialism, will be staged in Hong Kong in March this year.

Since its debut in April in Beijing, "Che Guevara" became a hot topic among Beijing's theater circle.

The play has attracted wide attention following successful performances as a small theater play in the country.

Yuan Hong, producer of the play told that "Che Guevara" has presented over 60 performances in Beijing, two tour performances in Henan Province, and one in Guangzhou during the International Small Theater Plays Exhibition.

Zhang Guangtian, one of the authors of the play, said that it is not a biography but a reflection of the real life of a historic figure.

Zhang also called the play the "people's play," indicating that popular music and dance styles are used.

The audience does not actually see Guevara during the two-hour play, and all they learn about the hero comes from an actor's voice.

Guevara and Fidel Castro liberated Cuba after four years of fighting, and Guevara, at the age of 33, became the youngest political leader, revolutionary, and diplomat in the world. He gave up his position in Cuba to become a guerrilla fighter in Bolivia, where he was killed in a battle there.

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