HK Phoenix TV Station Initiates IT, American Channel

The Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd. launched Monday its first North American and Information Technology channels to satisfy the demands of overseas Chinese in the region.

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Tung Chee Hwa and some senior officials from the Central Government officiated a dinner to celebrate the debut of the channels Tuesday evening.

The Phoenix IT channel, the first of the Chinese language channel that covers the whole area of Asia, including China's mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, broadcasts varieties of news stories 24 hours a day.

The North American channel is also the first Chinese language channel that enters every North American family through the major U.S. television networks.

Founded in March, 1996, and listed on the Hong Kong stock market in June, 2000, the company has built into a multiple platform consisting of the Chinese channel, movie channel, the European channel, the North American channel and the channel of information technology.

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