NPC Chairman Meets ROK Delegation

NPC Chairman Meets ROK Delegation
Chairman Li Peng of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, met with a delegation from the ruling Millennium Democratic Party of the Republic of Korea (ROK) in Beijing Monday, December 18.

The delegation, headed by Hahn Hwa Kap, a member of the Supreme Council of the party, is paying a visit at the invitation of the Chinese Communist Party.

Li gave a high evaluation over bilateral ties since the forging of diplomatic ties eight years ago, citing the fruitful cooperation in all fields, the frequent high-level exchange of visits and views between leaders of the two countries, and successful coordination in world affairs.

He said during President Kim Dae-Jung's visit to China in 1998, he and President Jiang Zemin jointly announced the determination to establish a cooperative partnership facing the 21st century between the two countries, and Premier Zhu Rongji, during his visit to ROK this September, lifted such a relationship to an overall cooperative partnership.

The successful cooperation between China and ROK is not only in the fundamental interest of both countries but also beneficial to the peace and stability of the region and the world, he said.

Li, who is also a Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), said the CPC has established contacts with major parties of the ROK, and the NPC has also maintained communication with the ROK National Assembly, expressing the hope that such cooperation would be further reinforced.

Hahn said the people of the two countries have kept friendly contacts for thousands of years and ROK is willing to join efforts with China, which enjoys broad economic potential, to safeguard the stability of northeast Asia and promote common prosperity of Asian countries.

He also thanked the Chinese Government for its efforts in promoting the reconciliation between the two sides of the Korean Peninsula, expressing the hope that such efforts would be continued.

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