World Second Night Zoo Built in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Changlong Night Zoo, built by Changlong Group of Fanyu Xiangjiang Wild Animal World with an investment of RMB1 billion, will be opened to the public before long.

The Guangzhou Changlong Night Zoo is as reported China's first night zoo and the world's second following a similar one in Singapore. But the zoo is the largest in the world with nearly 10,000 animals of over 300 species in captivity.

The zoo will be divided into several theme parks, featuring the animals from the different regions of the world, such as China, South-America, and India. It is opened to the public at 06:30 pm-00:00 pm every night according to animal's living habits. In order to enjoy the primitive animal habitat without disturbing the animals and the beautiful manmade moonlight and starlight in the night zoo, visitors should first switch off mobile phones and pagers before entering the night zoo.

By PD Online staff member Huang Ying

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