Five Net Consumption Trends Reported in China

According to a study report released, the following five net consumption trends are reported in China:

1. Internet users are growing in number and at a varied age surfing on net instead of merely youngsters of a single age group for abundant information supply and a reasonable amount of fees charged.

2. An increased number of people with no expertise have been on net alongside a professional group consequent upon a premium reduction of cost from a raise of efficiency. Increased money input and new technologies are naturally needed for an ever-enlarged community of surfers to be developed.

3. Staying prolonged hours on net incur no greater amount of fees charged. Surfers enjoy almost the same amount of charges as before for a sharp cut of service fees by China Telecom and ISP.

4. No websites are run under optimum conditions for a dearth of valuable information and a unitary purpose claimed by surfers on net.

5. Shopping on net has been in a happy situation to be developed. For its good services and various conveniences provided it has been well received. But this hasn't yet still been widely accepted or popularized as it should have been for popularity takes time and various problems involving delivery, service, banking and others remain to be solved. Of these, the exceptions are limited by way of net consumption merely to book buying, software and computer purchasing and the like creditable durable products.

With the development of Internet terminal technology and an integrated use of technologies the days for net education, net stock speculation, and wireless net surfing as new hot aspiring lines by net surfers will be near.

By PD Online Staff Huang Ying

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