Yellow River Upstream Important to West-East Power Transmission

News from the China National Power Co. says that the upper reach of the Yellow River, richly endowed with water resources, will become an important base for the "west-east power transmission" project of China.

The 918-km long river section from Qinglongxia in Qinghai Province on the upper reaches of the Yellow River to Qingtongxia in Ningxia, with a drop of 1,324 meters and good hydroelectric development condition, is one of the 12 hydroelectric power bases to be built according to State plan. Here admits of planned construction of 25 larger hydroelectric power stations with a total installed capacity of 15.878 kw. The seven larger hydroelectric power stations, namely, Longyangxia, Lijiaxia, Liujiaxia, Yanguoxia, Bapanxia, Daxia and Qinglongxia, with a total installed capacity of 5.618 million kw, is currently the largest step hydroelectric power station group.

China, one of the countries with richest water resources in the world, can develop power plants with installed capacity of 378 million kw. However, water resources are distributed unevenly, with 90 percent of the exploitable installed capacity being concentrated in the northwest, southwest and central-south China. The upper reach of the Yellow River is the area where the construction cost of large and medium-sized hydropower stations is low. In order to quicken the pace of development, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia in northwest China and the China National Power Co. jointly set up a hydroelectric power development Co. Ltd. on the upstream of the Yellow River. Taking Longyangxia and Lijiaxia hydroelectric power stations, with installed generating capacity of 1.28 million kw and 2 million kw respectively, as fund-raising parent power stations, the company develops hydropower resources on the upper reaches of the Yellow River by the method of rolling development.

By PD Online staff member Deng Gang

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