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Thursday, December 14, 2000, updated at 14:52(GMT+8)

Beijing Invites Public Discussion on Five-Year Plan

Beijing made public December 13 its draft for a five-year plan (2001-2005), inviting public opinions from its citizens.

According to the draft, Beijing expects an annual GDP growth rate of 9 percent in the coming five years. Its GDP is scheduled to reach 370 billion yuan (calculated based on the price of 2000).

The local financial revenue will increase at an average rate of 10 percent. The adjustment of the economic structure will result in the service industry making 60 percent of the whole.

Beijing plans to increase investment in high technology to improve its innovative capability. By the year 2005, the investment in research and development (R&D) by the whole society is expected to make up 5 percent of the GDP.

High-tech industries will account for 11 percent of the municipality's GDP.

Beijing plans to offer over 1 million new jobs for its people within five years. The registered urban unemployment rate is scheduled to be under two percent. A social security system will basically benefit the whole capital city.

Half of the high school students will be able to go to college five years later.

Beijing aims to see the disposable income of its urban residents grow at an average rate of 6 percent each year. The net income of farmers is also expected to increase by 6 percent annually.

For housing, the average floor space per capita is to reach 18 square meters. The average life expectancy of Beijing residents will be 76.

Beijing, in its bid to hold the 2008 Olympic Games, will improve its environment effectively. By the year 2005, the air quality in the downtown area will reach the national criteria of class II, the best, but second standard for evaluating air quality in China.

The urban sewage treatment rate will increase to 90 percent. The rate for the unharmful treatment of house refuse will be 95 percent. The afforestation rate will reach 47 percent.

The draft, after being revised according to public opinions, will be submitted to the Municipal People's Congress for examination and approval two months later, said government sources.

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Beijing made public December 13 its draft for a five-year plan (2001-2005), inviting public opinions from its citizens.

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