Nanometer-Cable Successfully Synthesized in China

Since the first transistor was invented in the world, its size has been diminished twice every 18 months, and now the size of "Pentium IV" is only a little over 100 nanometers.

It is predicted that by 2010 a transistor will be only thick as scores of nanometers. So, there rises a problem as to what can be used to link up the IC-component parts with such an extra-high density? This constitutes a difficult problem the world scientific circle is now facing.

China's nanotechnology research group, headed by Zhang Lide, the researcher has successfully synthesized a coaxial cable with a diameter only of one 50000th of a hair, thus providing an effective means for solving the problem.

The coaxial nanometer-cable actually consists of two different substances: the nano-wire in the inside and the outside coating. The difficulty lies in how the wire can be "laid" right in the middle of the wrapping.

As reported the researchers have successfully synthesized many such varieties of coaxial nano-cables as with conductor, semiconductor and superconductor in the inside. With theses concerning the coaxial nano-cable being cited as many as 18 times in the world the group has become one of the few suchlike in the world that are able to turn out coaxial nano-cables.

By PD Online Staff Li Yan

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