Hebei Province Discovers Porcelain Kiln Ruins

Ruins of a porcelain kiln dating back to the Jin Dynasty (1115AD-1234AD) has been found in Jingxing County, north China's Hebei Province.

Porcelain bowls and plates with stamped decoration and other precious cultural relics were unearthed and ruins of some workshop sites were cleared in Hedong Village, Jingxing County.

Professor Geng Baochang, expert in porcelain with the Beijing-based Summer Palace, and Chen Huasha, research fellow with the Society for the Study of Chinese Ancient Porcelain surveyed the runs of the porcelain kiln. They share the view that this represents another great discovery following the discoveries of the Xing Kiln, the Ding kiln and the Ci Kiln and that of great value to the study of the development of porcelain, economy and culture in the Song Dynasty£®960-1279£©and the Jin Dynasty.

Jingxing County has a lot of ancient porcelain kilns with ten already unearthed and has a complete and rare collection of samples of porcelain from the Sui Dynasty£®581-618£©to the Yuan Dynasty£®1271-1368 ). Experts suggest building the Jingxing Porcelain Museum and holding a symposium on Jingxing porcelain kilns, in an effort to boost the development of the local tourism industry.

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