HK Housing Authority Determined to Enhance Housing Quality

Cheng Hon-kwan, chairman of the Housing Authority of Hong Kong, said Thursday that he is determined to enhance building quality through the full implementation of the 50 recommendations on quality reforms.

Speaking at his inaugural meeting of the Housing Authority, Cheng said the authority will try its best to promote the partnering spirit with its partners and reinforce its works supervision.

"We will also look into the recommendations on enhancing the standard of the industry to be put forward by the Construction Industry Review Committee," he added.

Cheng went on to suggest that promoting staff morale and implementing housing strategies are his other major objectives.

On housing strategy, Cheng said the Housing Authority will implement the initiatives to reduce the average waiting time for public rental housing (PRH) flats to three years by 2003, and reduce partially the production of subsidized home ownership flats and replace them by an equivalent number of loans.

Moreover, the Housing Authority will increase the supply of PRH for the elderly in need, review the design of flats for the elderly and consider the use of rental subsidies to satisfy the housing needs of prospective elderly tenants, he said.(

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