Experts Urge Better Protection of Old Style Buildings in Qingdao

Architects have appealed to the Qingdao City Government to take urgent measures to protect the old style buildings in this port city in east China's Shandong Province.

Qingdao is best known for its diverse foreign style buildings, which have earned the city the name of the "museum of architectures". Most of the old buildings are in the German and Japanese styles.

The city currently has about 160 old style buildings, a considerable number of which have been damaged to varying extents. Since some Qingdao citizens have not done their best to protect these old architectures in their daily life, several former residences of celebrities have not been opened to the public.

Now the Qingdao City Cultural Relic Bureau and the City Planning Bureau have registered some old building representative and placed them under special protection.

The Qingdao City Planning and Design Institute is drawing on a long-term plan for all the old cultural and historical buildings in the city.

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