Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Multi-lateral Middle East Summit

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao said Wednesday that China welcomes the agreement reached on the multi-lateral Middle East summit at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt during the past days and hopes the agreement will be carried out.

Commenting on the summit, Zhu said that China appreciates the efforts of the summit to quench the clashes between the Palestine and Israel and to resume the Mideast peace talks.

He said that China hopes the two sides, the Palestine and Israel, will stop their clashes immediately and resume peace talks as soon as possible, in order to solve the Palestine problem at an early date and realize peace and stability in the Mideast region.

He noted that Chinese President Jiang Zemin and the Chinese government have clearly stated China's position on the clashes between the Palestine and Israel, which have lasted for many days.

China is willing to join efforts with the international society to make contribution to the progress of the Mideast peace talks, the spokesman said.

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