China Internet Contest Starts Two More Sub-contests

The Third China Internet Contest started two other contests on information development for Chinese enterprises and domain name design on October 11.

The China Internet Contest, which began in August and will last until December, plans to have 11 sub-contests, of which six have already started, including the two that began on Wednesday.

The contest was first held in 1998 and last year, about 1 million people attended the second one.

Competitors will attend the contests on shaping an on-line supply chain for the company, developing a running e-commerce system, registering and designing domain names.

The contest will help Chinese enterprises use more Internet resources and adjust to the new rules of the knowledge economy, said Zhao Xiaofan, an official with the Ministry of Information Industry.

Chinese enterprises shall focus on the change in the corporate culture and management system to meet the challenges of the new economy, said Thomas Lam, vice-president of Cisco System

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