Telecom: Inter Operability Tabled

China's IT operators will have an opportunity to transit the wireless telecommunication standards from the second to the third generation (3G), with the introduction of a new technology solution, the Time Division Multiple Access-Enhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution (TDMA-EDGE).

Introduced by the Universal Wireless Communication Consortium (UWCC) recently, EDGE is a technology shared by both GSM (global system for mobile telecommunications) and TDMA, two second-generation technologies, allowing for inter operability between the two standards and 3G services to be delivered over the existing spectrum.

Wireless data speeds are expected to be increased to 384 kbps.

The inter operability will make it possible for Chinese operators to generate revenue from the increasing number of TDMA subscribers travelling to China, also it provides seamless roaming services for China's 60 million GSM subscribers travelling in TDMA service areas.

TDMA-EDGE and GSM operators will be able to serve more than 300 million subscribers worldwide.

Deployment of EDGE presents China, the world's largest GSM operator, with a graceful means to introduce 3G services in the near future, and at an affordable cost.

Since EDGE can be developed on the basis of GSM, it only costs GSM operators US$7 to US$10 on each subscriber to adopt this technology, much cheaper than other technologies.

"With China's impending entry into the World Trade Organization and the normalization of trade relations between China and the United States, we introduce the solution to this big market, hoping EDGE meets China's objective of maximizing utilization of the available spectrum to offer 3G technology and services,'' said Umesh Amin, chairman of UWCC.

Demand for wireless telecommunications services such as wireless Internet and data is growing rapidly in China and how to manage the transition to a 3G environment, including voice, data, multi-media and mobile Internet services has become a hot topic in the IT industry.

China's mobile phone market is growing at one of the fastest rates in the world, with 65 million subscribers.

The number is expected to reach 70 million by the end of the year.

Those figures could translate into lucrative business for local and foreign telecommunications companies.

"UWCC hopes that EDGE will prove to be a smooth and cost-effective solution to China's rapidly expanding wireless communications needs," said Sheila Mickool, president and CEO of UWCC.

Founded in 1996, UWCC is a US-based non-profit industry organization dedicated to educating operators and consumers on the flexible technical service and investment options available through TDMA-EDGE. (Source:

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