HK Government Strives to Ensure Internet Safety

Hong Kong government is making a lot of efforts to creating a trustworthy environment and provide a secure infrastructure for the conduct of electronic transactions, a senior information technology official said Thursday.

The government's efforts in this regard include the establishment of a local public key infrastructure, the pursuing of mutual recognition of certification authority service, review of legislation against computer crime, establishment of a computer emergency response center and promoting public awareness on e-security, Secretary for Information Technology and Broadcasting Carrie Yau said at E-Security and WAP Solution Symposium.

"The government is committed to developing Hong Kong into a leading digital city and a pre-eminent e-commerce hub in Asia Pacific, and the key to the realization of this vision is the establishment of a regulatory framework which will support and encourage the development of electronic transactions within Hong Kong and internationally, and the provision of a secure environment for the conduct of electronic transactions," she said.

"We also fully recognize that our legislation needs to cope with the advances of technology and the emergence of computer related crime," Yau said.

The government's role is to provide a legislative framework and appropriate infrastructure for electronic and mobile commerce to flourish, and the industry also has a significant role to play in developing the specifications and standards that meet the security needs, she added.

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