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Friday, September 29, 2000, updated at 16:55(GMT+8)

China's Data Users of Telecom over 10 Million

News from shows that Chinese data communication users of telecom over 10 billion.

The responsible person with Data Communication Department of China Telecom said such users had increased from 2,000 at the beginning to 10 billion within six years.

In order to build the information platform and satisfy the needs of users, China Telecom recently expanded the capacity of and made adjustment to CHINANET in large scale, optimized web structure, therefore, the international exit bandwidth has been broadened from tens trillion to the present 1.3 G, the bandwidth of trunk network has been lifted form the grade of megabit to G bit, largely relieving the pressure of national and international exits and raising the speed of web surfing. China Telecom will realize the national roaming of CHINANET October 1.

Presently, over 60 percent of the government departments has build their websites, more than 200,000 enterprises release information and doing business through the network of China Telecom and thousands of people and families enjoy the service of CHINANET. For the purpose of healthy development of electronic business, China Telecom also intensified the construction of safety authentication system to provide varies electronic business with safe authentication guarantee platform.

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News from shows that Chinese data communication users of telecom over 10 billion.

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