Scientists Invent Advanced Tool Curing Cancer

Chinese medical scientists have invented complicated ultrasonic equipment, used as a computerized lancet for treating tumor.

During operation in the past year, four sets of the large equipment have helped doctors to successfully treat more than 400 patients who had life threatening diseases, including breast cancer, bone tumor, liver cancer, parenchyma tumor and kidney cancer.

Medical experts participated in appraisal of the machine said the equipment is highly effective and safe.

Wang Zhibiao and his colleagues at Chongqing Medical Sciences University created the machine on the basis of ultrasonic focus theory, and hold full intellectual property rights of concerned technologies.

The State Drug Administration issued a go-ahead to the high-tech medical equipment to be used in hospitals in the country.

It is learned that the British company UTL has signed a contract with the university in southwest China for acting as the international sales agent for the equipment. A hospital affiliated to Britain's Oxford University will use the equipment by the end of the year.

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