Wildlife Zoo Opens In Dalian

A zoo in Dalian, a coastal city in northeast China's Liaoning Province, opened Tuesday a wildlife attraction to show off over 2,000 animals.

The wildlife center covers an area of two million square meters, and features a natural habitat for 58 varieties of rare and unusual animals.

The center is divided into seven major areas, with habitats for African herbivores, Asian herbivores, lions, tigers, bears, and other plateau animals.

In addition, the zoo also includes some comprehensive display areas, such as a dear garden, bird park and a small animal area.

A 21-km monorail and a tropical forest hall are still under construction, scheduled to be completed respectively at the end of November this year and in March next year.

The zoo is currently only partly open, and is planned to be completely open to the public at the end of November this year.

For the convenience of visitors, a 2.5-km long cableway has been built, linking the wildlife zoo with a nearby forest zoo.

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