President Issues Decrees, Commending PLA Servicemen

President Jiang Zemin, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, recently issued decrees to commend a number of servicemen of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) for their meritorious service.

A first-grade award went to the Measuring and Mapping Brigade of the PLA Second Artillery Corps for the troop's expeditions over the past two decades.

The brigade has traveled a total of 2.8 million km to successfully complete 28 major measuring projects for military purposes.

Another first-grade award was granted to Cheng Zhiqiang, brigadier of the Honor Guard of the PLA Beijing Garrison.

Cheng, who joined the army in 1973, has been studying and reforming the army's ceremonial practices and participated in a series of important events including the raising of the Chinese national flag during the handover ceremonies of Hong Kong and Macao.

Two army doctors, Zhu Zhongyong and Ma Lianting, each received a second-grade award for their achievements in academic research.

Du Jizhao, a deputy head of the Armament Department of the PLA Guangzhou Military Area Command, won a third-grade award for his outstanding work in renovating military equipment when he was working as the head of the Armament Department of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison.

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