Corpse Found in Ancient Tomb

Chinese archaeologists discovered a corpse during the ongoing excavation of a 2,000-year-old tomb in western part of Beijing Sunday morning.

The body was found in the front chamber, or the sitting room of the occupant in the imaginary nether world. Most of the body's skull and part of the arms have been unearthed. The body was laid in the front chamber with the head southward.

The archaeologists say that they estimated that it looks like a male who looked around 35 years old and 161 cm tall at the time of death, adding that it is yet difficult to determine the gender of the corpse because it lay prone and its pelvis and skull cannot be seen.

Archaeologists have not yet been able to identify who the dead was and how long it has been there. They estimated it could be of a ghoul, or a person buried with the occupant of the tomb, or the occupant himself (herself) who was pulled by ghouls to the front chamber from the rear chamber, known as a sleeping room.

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