Urumqi Uses Waste Water in Tree Planting

Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is building a sewage treatment plant to provide water for tree planting.

The Yagmalike Mountain waste water treatment plant, to be completed in two years, has a designed capacity of treating 50,000 cu m of waste water daily. Upon completion, the 90 million yuan project will provide enough water for tree planting on the 6,700 hectares of the barren Yagmalike Mountain and for irrigating local farmland.

The Yagmalike Mountain is the only barren hill in Urumqi. The mountain scatters more than 26 tons of dust per square kilometer to the city each month, which account for 91 percent of the monthly total in the city.

Urumqi has invested 16 million yuan in tree planting on the Yagmalike Mountain since 1996 and a total of 133 hectares of trees has been planted on the mountain since then.

The State Development Planning Commission approved the waste water treatment plant and has invested 20 million yuan in it.

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