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Saturday, August 05, 2000, updated at 01:33(GMT+8)

China Opposes Attempt to Get Taiwan into UN: Spokesman

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao Friday expressed strong resentment and firm opposition to a proposal by Senegal and a few other countries calling for discussions of Taiwan's "participation" in the United Nations.

Zhu said that Senegal and a handful of other countries on August 3 (New York time) sent a letter to the UN secretary-general asking for a discussion of Taiwan's "participation" in the UN and for putting the Taiwan issue into the framework of the UN peace and security mechanism.

"They are attempting to create 'two Chinas' or 'one China, one Taiwan' in the UN," he said.

"This is a flagrant violation of the purpose and principles of the UN Charter and a distortion of the nature of the UN, and represents a gross interference in China's internal affairs. We strongly resent and firmly oppose this."

Zhu said there is only one China in the world, and the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal representative of the entire Chinese people, and Taiwan is a part of China.

This is an internationally recognized fact and therefore Taiwan has no qualifications whatsoever for joining the UN and its special agencies in any form, he added.

The UN is by no means a place to solve the domestic issue of a country, he stressed. Resolution No. 2758, adopted by an overwhelming majority during the 26th UN General Assembly in 1971, completely resolved the issue concerning the representation of the People's Republic of China in the UN, he said.

Ever since then, Zhu said, the government of the People's Republic of China represents the entire Chinese people, including the people of Taiwan. There is no such issue of Taiwan's "participation" in the UN

Since 1993, the General Committee of the UN General Assembly has clearly refused to put the so-called "Taiwan issue" on the agenda of the UN General Assembly, demonstrating the firm stand of a vast majority of the UN member states in safeguarding the authority of the UN Charter and the Resolution 2758, Zhu said.

It also shows that any conspiracy and attempt that goes against the purpose and principles of the UN Charter and the will of a majority of UN member states is unpopular, added Zhu.

Despite some new tricks in the proposal made by a small handful of countries this year, the proposal is doomed to fail, the spokesman said.

The Taiwan issue, purely China's internal affair and the business of the Chinese people, brooks no external interference, the spokesman said.

To settle the Taiwan issue at an early date and accomplish the complete reunification of the motherland are common aspirations of the entire Chinese people, including Taiwan compatriots, he added.

If the Taiwan authorities have sincerity, they should clearly accept the one-China principle, and recognize that they are Chinese, and make a commitment to pursuing reunification and translate it into action, Zhu said.

Under the one-China framework, he noted, the two sides across the Taiwan Straits are able to find approaches to a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan issue through consultation.

"Accomplishing China's peaceful reunification according to the policy of 'one country, two systems' will be in the fundamental interests of the entire Chinese people, including Taiwan compatriots," he said.

"We are convinced that in the just cause of safeguarding state sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Chinese government and people will continue to win understanding and support of people and governments all over the world who uphold justice," he said.

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China firmly opposes any attempt to get Taiwan into the United Nations, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhu Bangzao said Friday in Beijing.

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