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Wednesday, August 02, 2000, updated at 16:44(GMT+8)

China to Expand Relations with Rio Group

Mexico Foreign Minister Rosario Green said Tuesday that Mexico and China will soon conclude negotiations on the latter's World Trade Organization entry, according to Chinadaily.

"Relations between Mexico and China will improve with China's WTO accession," she said.

Green made the remarks at a press conference Tuesday marking the 10th anniversary of relations between China and the Rio Group.

Rio Group, established in 1986, is a political consultation and co-ordination organization, which groups 19 countries in Latin American.

Mexico and Switzerland are the remaining WTO members to sign market access agreements with China, which is expected to join the world trade club within the year after 14 years of hard work.

As developing areas, China and Latin America have much in common, said Foreign Minister Guillermo Fernandez de Soto of Columbia.

He called for close contact and further co-operation between the two sides.

"China is a big market with great potential. We believe that China will soon be a global economic player," said Maria Soledad Alvear Valenzuela, Chilean foreign minister.

Chile is China's second biggest trade partner in Latin America and also the first country of the region to sign an agreement on China's WTO entry.

"Both countries are opening to the outside world, courting investment and trying to raise living standards with economic development," she said.

Alvear said Chile's export of grapes, apples and kiwi fruit to China has already begun.

During meetings with the three foreign ministers, State Councilor Wu Yi said China wants to expand economic and technology co-operation with the Rio Group.

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Mexico and China will soon conclude negotiations on the latter's World Trade Organization entry, Mexico Foreign Minister Rosario Green said Tuesday.

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