Regular Meeting Mechanism Set Up for FMs from "Shanghai Five" Nations

Foreign ministers from China, Tajikistan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan met in Dushanba Tuesday to discuss ways for further strengthening bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation among the five nations.

This was the first meeting of the foreign ministers from the five nations within the framework of the "Shanghai Five" process and marked the start of a regular meeting mechanism of the foreign ministers.

The then heads of state of the five nations first met in Shanghai, China, in April 1996, kicking off the annual summit meeting process of the top leaders of the five countries, which was referred to as the "Shanghai Five" mechanism later on.

During their meeting earlier Tuesday, the foreign ministers agreed that it was necessary to further flesh out and improve the cooperation mechanism within the "Shanghai Five" framework so as to strengthen coordination and cooperation of the five nations on international and regional issues.

Given the consensus, the foreign ministers decided to officially establish a regular meeting mechanism of the foreign ministers of the five nations.

In a joint communique issued at the end of their meeting, the foreign ministers agreed that from now on, they are going to meet at least once a year to exchange views on the pressing issues of the region and the world at large, and discuss issues of common interest for the five foreign ministries.

They also agreed to establish a state coordinators council as a working organ of the "Shanghai Five" framework and an accord in this regard will be formally signed by the five nations.

Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said at the meeting that given the complicated situation of the region and the world, the five countries must close their ranks in order to meet the challenges and threats facing them.

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