Zhu Stresses Ties with Luxembourg

Chinese Premier Stresses Ties with Luxembourg
Visiting Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji stressed Monday that China will attach great importance to forging strong bilateral relations with Luxembourg which he described as an active player in both European and global arenas.

During his discussion with Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean- Claude Juncker, Zhu said that the relations between China and Luxembourg have been very good and the friendly relations between the two countries have made rapid progress in recent years with mutual understanding and trust enhanced all the time.

"The Chinese government and people highly appreciate the one- China policy cherished by the Luxembourg government and Luxembourg 's push within the European Union to promote relations with China, " said the Chinese premier who just arrived from Germany.

Zhu said that he is satisfied with the trend of rapid and comprehensive development in the Sino-Luxembourg relations.

He cited as a proof of sound bilateral relations the trade increase in the first five months of this year when bilateral trade increased by 21.6 percent as against the corresponding period a year ago.

The Luxembourg prime minister told the Chinese visitor that his country attaches great importance to the important position China holds in the world and the constructive role China plays in the world and that Luxembourg appreciates the fact that China assumed great responsibility during the financial crisis in Asia.

"I appreciate the progress China has achieved through its reforms," said Juncker, who added that his country strongly supports China's accession to the World Trade Organization by the end of the year.

Zhu and Juncker exchanged views on the prospects of future cooperation that is tipped to move from metallurgy, finance and banking service to science, culture, jurisdiction and education.

The visiting Chinese premier met with Hereditary Crown Prince Henri of Luxembourg and Jean Spautz, president of the Luxembourg Parliament, also Monday.

Zhu said while meeting with the crown prince that though small, Luxembourg has been active in both Europe and the world and therefore boasts a significant influence upon European and international affairs.

Crown Prince Henri said that Zhu's visit well embodies the spirit of equality and mutual benefit despite the size of countries. "That the EU and China strive to forge stronger ties benefits both Europe and China."

The crown prince is scheduled to take over the governance of the country in the coming September.

Also Monday, Zhu and Juncker attended the signing ceremony of two cooperation accords concerning cultural exchanges and beef production in China's Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region.

The Chinese premier visited a local satellite company Tuesday before leaving for the Netherlands to continue his six-nation European tour that took him already to Bulgaria and Germany and will also take him to Italy and Belgium.

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