China Develops Large-scale Crops Cultivation Analogy Model

Researchers in Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences have successfully developed large-scale crops cultivation analogy model-"Optimized rice cultivation decision-making system by analogy ", which makes China the 3rd country after America and Holland to be able to design and develop independently large-scale crops cultivation analogy model in the world.

The system has been listed as part of the national escalation plan for science and technology. From 1984 onwards, around 10 experts of the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, through an endeavor of 10 years, have accomplished the software development for the wheat and rice cultivation analogy decision-making system under the support of the national fund for natural sciences.

Jin Zhiqing, researcher of the Academy said that the system is a combination of the computer simulation technology with the optimization theory for the cultivation of wheat and rice. According to analogy, with the input of such parameters of the crops to be cultivated as the time of sowing, amount of seeds used, crop density and yields, plus other data as planting climate, moisture content, suitable use of fertilizer and the possible occurrence of pests at certain times, the system will be able to work out the best cropping mode.

More than 10 agricultural departments in Jilin, Shandong and other provinces have introduced the software. This year, China is expected to plant 1 million mu of crops under the guidance of this software

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