Construction on Yellow River Project Harmless to Environment

Experts with the consultant group of World Bank said after a recent examination that construction on the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project, a key project to harness the sand silting of the Yellow River's bed, has brought no damage to the surrounding environment since it started six years ago.

Harvey F. Ludwig, chief expert of the group, said tests by the experts of World Bank show that all the index of the project have reached the world standard in terms of environmental protection. It is clear that authority's awareness and measures to protect environment have been well carried out during the construction work, he said.

Ludwig, also a Ph.D. at Harvard University and famous specialist in the circle, said the work on environmental protection at Xiaolangdi is most likely to become a model for other project constructions in China later.

The Xiaolangdi Water Control Project, constructed with World Bank Loan, is one of China's key projects having the functions of flood and ice floe control, silt reduction, irrigation and water supply. Its construction site is located 40 km north of Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province.

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