Chinese, Moldova Presidents Hold Talks

President Jiang Meets With Moldova President Petru Lucinschi
President Jiang Zemin and Moldova President Petru Lucinschi agreed during talks wednesday that bilateral relations between their countries have developed admirably since diplomatic ties were sealed in 1992.

Jiang said in their meeting at the Great Hall of the People that leaders of the two countries have kept frequent contacts and the two sides have had good cooperation in international organizations.

The two countries have consistently supported each other in the cause of maintaining national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, Jiang pointed out.

Moldova is a trustworthy friend of China in the Asian-European region, he added.

China-Moldova relations are based on the principles of mutual respect, absolute equality and non-interference into each other's internal affairs, he said.

China respects Moldova in choosing a path of development and mapping out internal and external policies according to its own situation, and understands Moldova's effort to involve itself in the European integration, he said.

The Chinese president said he believes that the people of Moldova are capable of solving problems and realizing national development, while at the same time playing a greater role in international affairs.

Lucinschi said that Moldova, a small country, is keenly interested in developing cooperative ties in all fields with China, one of the most influential countries in the world.

Moldova is a bridge in developing relations between the East and the West, and hopes to link China and Europe in their economic and trade ties too, added Lucinschi, who had a successful visit to China in 1996 as leader of Moldova's parliament.

On bilateral trade and economic ties, Jiang said that the prospects are broad, given efforts from both sides.

China attaches importance to developing economic and trade ties with Moldova, and despite the fact that that bilateral trade volume remains at a low level, progress has been made, said Jiang, adding that the President Lucinschi's current visit will lend impetus in this regard.

Lucinschi said he hoped that bilateral trade and economic relations would be deepened.

He reiterated that the government of Moldova will as always adhere to the one China policy and support China in resolving the Taiwan issue just as it did with Hong Kong and Macao.

Jiang expressed appreciation for the steadfast support of Lucinschi and the government of Moldova toward China's reunification cause and adherence to the one China policy as it relates to Taiwan.

After the talks, Jiang and Lucinschi signed a joint statement on comprehensive cooperation in the 21st century, which will be used to guide China-Moldova relations in the future.

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