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Wednesday, June 07, 2000, updated at 10:58(GMT+8)

China, Myanmar Issue Joint Statement

Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan and visiting Myanmar Foreign Minister U Win Aung signed Tuesday on behalf of their respective governments a joint statement on the framework of future bilateral relations and cooperation.

Following is the full text of the statement:

Joint Statement of the People's Republic of China and the Union of Myanmar on the Framework of Future Bilateral Relations and Cooperation

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and the Union of Myanmar (hereinafter referred to as "the two sides") on 8 June 1950, bilateral cooperation in the political, economic, military, cultural, education and other fields has been developing steadily on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence jointly initiated by the two sides. To further consolidate and develop their friendly relations not only conforms to the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples, but also serves peace, stability and development in the region.

At the beginning of the new century, the two sides agree on the need to build on the existing friendly relations and further develop into long-term stable good-neighborly relations of friendship and cooperation so that the "paukphaw" friendship between the two peoples will be carried forward from generation to generation. To this end, the two sides state the following as the framework and guiding principles for future bilateral relations and cooperation.

1. The two sides affirm that the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, the principles established in the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia, and the universally acknowledged principles of international law constitute the basic norms governing the relations between the two countries.

2. The two sides will continue to maintain frequent contacts and exchanges between top leaders of the two countries and actively carry out exchange of visits and interflow between their government departments, non-governmental organizations and various circles, with a view to enhancing mutual understanding and friendship and furthering bilateral cooperation.

3. The two sides agree to maintain multi-level consultations and exchanges between the two foreign ministries, conduct timely exchange of views on bilateral relations and regional and international issues of mutual interest and keep frequent communication and coordination on various occasions.

4. The two sides agree to step up cooperation in trade, investment, agriculture, fishery, forestry and tourism and other areas on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, emphasis on concrete results and complementing each other's advantages. (1) The two sides will, by giving full play to the role of the Joint Working Committee on Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation, actively explore new ideas of and new channels for developing mutually beneficial economic cooperation and trade. The competent departments of the two sides will further strengthen guidance and coordination in this respect, continue to improve the relevant laws and regulations and regulate enterprise behavior so as to create favorable conditions and provide necessary facility for economic and trading activities by companies, enterprises and various agencies of the two sides, protect their lawful rights and interests and foster a sound climate for economic cooperation and trade between the two sides. When conditions are ripe, the two sides will sign an agreement on investment protection through consultations.

(2) The two sides will work to expand bilateral trade, increase trade in bulk commodities by fully tapping the potentials, strengthen and standardize border trade in accordance with the Memorandum of the Understanding between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Union of Myanmar on Border Trade, and promote the sustained, steady and healthy growth of bilateral trade in a spirit of mutual benefit and reciprocity and exchange of needed goods and services.

(3) Each side will encourage and support its enterprises to invest in the other side and honor obligations under the bilateral investment agreement in earnest so as to facilitate the smooth progress of investment cooperation projects.

(4) The two sides will provide facility for their enterprises to undertake various projects and cooperation in contract labor.

(5) The two sides will step up cooperation in agriculture and fishery and, by taking full advantage of their rich natural resources and the strong complementarity of the two economies, encourage and support their relevant enterprises and agencies to conduct mutually beneficial cooperation in agro-technique, farm produce processing, prevention, treatment and monitoring of animal diseases, marine fishing and aquatic cultivation.

(6) The two sides will boost bilateral cooperation in forestry and encourage cooperation in the prevention of forest fires in border areas, forest management, resources development, protection of wild animals, development of forestry industries, forestry product processing, forestry machinery, eco-tourism, and education and training in forestry.

(7) The two sides will further expand bilateral cooperation in tourism. The Chinese side agrees to have Myanmar designated as a destination for outbound Chinese tourists. The two sides will finalize through discussion concrete measures for implementation. 5. The two sides will increase exchanges and cooperation in such fields as culture, education, health, sports and religion and further enhance, through exchange of visits by delegations, cultural troupes and experts, and exhibitions, mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

6. The two sides agree to draw up concrete implementation regulations as early as possible on the basis of the Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Union of Myanmar on China-Myanmar Border Areas Management and Cooperation and work together to promote stability, tranquillity and development in the border areas.

7. The two sides will intensify judicial cooperation and sharing of information and jointly crack down on trans-boundary crimes, drug trafficking, smuggling, aliens smuggling and other criminal offenses.

8. The Chinese side reaffirms its respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Myanmar. The Myanmar side reaffirms its continued adherence to the one-China policy, recognizing that the Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government of China and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory. The Chinese side expresses appreciation to Myanmar's position of not developing official links with Taiwan in any form.

9. The two sides maintain that to strengthen the quadrangular economic cooperation (among China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand) and the subregional economic cooperation in the greater Mekong area ( among China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam) conforms to the shared long-term interests of the two sides and other countries concerned in the region. The two sides will give greater support to such cooperation.

10. The two sides will enhance cooperation in such multilateral fora as the United Nations, ASEAN, ARF and the informal summit of East Asian leaders, and make joint efforts for peace and development in the region and the world at large.

Done in Beijing on 6 June, 2000

For the People's Republic of China For the Union of Myanmar

Tang Jiaxuan U Win Aung

Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs

In This Section

Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan and visiting Myanmar Foreign Minister U Win Aung signed Tuesday on behalf of their respective governments a joint statement on the framework of future bilateral relations and cooperation.

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