Moldova Supports China's Stance on Taiwan: President

President of Moldova Petr Luchinsky said Saturday that his country fully supports China's position on Taiwan and will only develop ties with the People's Republic of China.

In an interview with Chinese reporters before his departure Tuesday for a week-long visit to China, Luchinsky said Moldova recognizes that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.

He said that his visit is designed to build wide-range and long-term cooperation with China and that he will discuss bilateral ties, international relations and world multi-polarization with Chinese leaders.

The Moldovan president said that he is happy with the political relations between the two countries, hoping the cooperation in trade and economic fields will be strengthened.

He said that bilateral cooperation in agriculture is promising and the two countries can work closely in producing and processing green food by taking advantage of the country's fertile soil. Seventy-five percent of Moldova's land is covered by the world's richest black soil.

He said that Chinese investors are welcome to set up joint ventures with local enterprises in the manufacturing, garment and pharmaceutical industries to produce products for both domestic consumption and export.

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