Commentary Unveils Evil Deeds of Dalai Lama

"Tibet Daily" Wednesday carried a commentary titled "Unveiling the Real Face of Dalai Lama," using a great number of facts to prove how Dalai Lama has thwarted human rights and prevented the development of Tibet during his rule in the region.

The commentary denounced Dalai Lama's activities during his 40- year exile, and said that Dalai has attempted to restore feudal serfdom by means of betraying the national interest and that of the people. By so doing, he has become a tool of Western anti-China forces, the commentary said.

The commentary pointed out that during his rule in Tibet, Dalai Lama adopted feudal serfdom combining political and religious powers. Such a system, with the monks and nobles as dictators, is the most gloomy, cruel, and uncultured in the history of mankind.

The commentary continued that serf owners in old Tibet, which accounted for 5 percent of the total population, not only possessed all the productive resources such as the land, pastures, and domestic animals, but also controlled all the serfs. Serfs became "speaking tools" and could be sold and transferred optionally. At the same time, they were usually cruelly tortured or killed by the serf owners.

The commentary also unveiled the evil deeds of Dalai Lama and his followers during their armed insurgence in 1959 which aimed to protect feudal serfdom. Their evil deeds include splitting the motherland, butchering Tibetan people, looting temples, and raping women.

They killed a nine-year-old boy Samni, for example, cutting open his belly and eating his heart. Then, they cut the boy into small pieces and had him hung from a tree.

The commentary stressed that where there are separatist activities, there are conflicts and the basic human rights of the local people are threatened.

Dalai Lama has continued his separatist activities in foreign countries and has never done a good deed for the people of Tibet.

Indeed, he has attempted to thwart the World Bank and developed countries from providing funds to Tibet.

The commentary concluded that facts have fully proved that Dalai Lama is the general commissary of the feudal serf owners, head of overseas separatist forces, a tool of western anti-China forces and the arch criminal who splits the motherland, betrays the national interest and the Tibetan people.

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