India, China Should Work for New Global Order: Indian President

Indian President Kocheril Raman Narayanan said Tuesday that India and China should work together to push forward the establishment of a new political and economic world order.

In his address at Beijing University, the Indian president said that the appropriate code of conduct for a globalized world would be the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, jointly initiated by India and China.

He denounced the theories that have been advanced of globalization extinguishing national sovereignties and the exciting diversities of the world, and creating some kind of uniform and monolithic system as "unsustainable, and destructive of a democratic world order."

Narayanan, who visited Beijing University when he served as Indian ambassador to China in the 1970s, said that India and China can cooperate in the international field for peace and stability in the world, and for equality and justice for developing countries and for an equitable multi-polar world order.

He said he believes that the two countries could closely work together to bring about democratic transformation of the United Nations to serve the interests and aspirations of mankind as a whole.

Sino-Indian relations have been founded on solid understanding of the affinities of cultures and civilizations of the two countries, and the imperatives of peaceful co-existence and close cooperation between them in the post-cold war world, he said.

He said he believes that India-China friendship and cooperation could be a good example of concord and harmonious relations between the two ancient civilizations and the foundation for a just, stable and peaceful world order.

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