China Concerned over Situation in Africa

In his meeting with the 54th UN General Assembly President and Namibian Foreign Minister Theo-Ben Gurirab Beijing on Monday, Zhu Rongji said that China is concerned over the situation in Africa and sincerely hopes the continent will realize peace and stability sooner than later.

"We will continue our unremitting efforts for the peaceful solution to relevant conflicts and disputes in Africa," he told Gurirab.

Zhu said that China attaches importance to its ties with African countries. To further promote the Sino-African friendly relations, the Chinese government proposed to hold China-Africa Forum of Cooperation - Beijing Ministerial Meeting in the Fall this year.

At this meeting, he said, China and all participating African countries will discuss such major issues as ways to establish a new international political and economic order in the 21st century and promote Sino-African economic cooperation.

China welcomes Gurirab to lead the Namibian delegation to visit China again in the fall, said Zhu.

"We have always stressed that the whole world cannot have stability and prosperity without peace and prosperity in Africa," he said.

He also urged the international community to make concrete efforts to help Africa. However, "such assistance should be just and neutral, fully respecting the sovereignty of African countries and paying close attention to the opinions of African countries, especially those from regional organizations, including the Organization of African Unity," he said.

He called on the international community, including the UN to expand assistance to African countries, stressing that assistance should be "unconditional".

China is "a reliable friend" of Africa, he said. "It is our consistent policy to consolidate and enhance friendly and cooperative relations with African countries and an important part of China's foreign policy," he said.

China will consistently make contribution to peace, stability and development of the African continent, he added.

Gurirab briefed Zhu on the issues in Africa and stressed the importance of tackling conflicts and disputes peacefully through dialogue.

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