Chinese Premier on Sino-Japanese Relations

Premier Zhu Rongji expressed the hope Monday that the new Japanese cabinet headed by Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori will, as ever, work to promote the overall development of Sino-Japanese relations.

Zhu's remarks came during a meeting this afternoon with the secretaries-general of the three coalition parties of the Japanese government.

Hiromu Nonaka of the Liberal Democratic Party, Tetsuzo Fuyushiba of the New Komeito Party, and Takeshi Noda of the New Conservative Party, and their associates arrived in China early today for a two-day goodwill visit at the invitation of the Chinese government.

Zhu said the development of China-Japan relations has maintained momentum on the whole, and a series of important understandings reached between President Jiang Zemin and late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi are being carried out with achievements already realized in certain fields.

Zhu expressed sorrow over the passing of Prime Minister Obuchi, and praised his contributions to bilateral ties.

The premier also spoke about the sound development of China's economy. He said both China and Japan are faced with the task of further stimulating the economic growth of their countries, and it is beneficial to both to deepen cooperation in economic, trade and other sectors. He expressed the hope that both sides will join hands to further increase the fruits of their cooperation.

Hiromu Nonaka of the Liberal Democratic Party handed Zhu a letter from Prime Minister Mori, and also his kind regards. He said the present visit on behalf of Prime Minister Mori is aimed at displaying the new cabinet's emphasis on good-neighborliness with China.

Tetsuzo Fuyushiba of the New Komeito Party and Takeshi Noda of the New Conservative Party also expressed the desire of their parties to develop relations with China.

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