China Supports UN's Role

Tang Jiaxuan Confers with Theo-Ben Gurirab
China's Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said Sunday that as the largest developing country of the United Nations and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China will continue working to reinforce the role of the UN.

In talks with Namibian Foreign Minister Theo-Ben Gurirab, also chairman of the 54th UN General Assembly, Tang said that China will support his work in the UN. The UN's role is irreplaceable in efforts to realize peace and development, properly handle any global issue, and establish a just and rational new world political and economic order in the new industry, Tang said.

Tang praised Gurirab's efforts to guarantee a smooth operation of the 54th General Assembly, his assistance to China in opposing Taiwan's "return" to the UN, and his efforts as a foreign minister in developing friendly and cooperative relations between China and Namibia.

Gurirab highly appreciates China's participation in and support of the UN's work, and praised China's important role in the UN to uphold justice and safeguard the interests of developing countries.

While expressing delight over development of the traditional friendly relations between Namibia and China, he reiterated his government's "One China" stand and willingness to tighten cooperation with China in all fields.

After exchanging views on issues concerning Africa, Tang expressed the belief that although African countries are faced with many difficulties, it is still a land full of hope.

To reinforce relations with African countries and other developing countries is an important part of China's independent foreign policy of peace. China hopes to see new progress to be made by African nations along their road towards peace and development.

Gurirab expressed gratitude for China's contribution to Africa in its efforts to realize peace and development.

Gurirab started his China visit Saturday as a guest of Tang.

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