"Double Hundred Plan" Launched

A social project, entitled "Double Hundred Plan", was launched in China recently, which is aimed at introducing overseas talents, news from the China Youth Development Foundation says.

The contents of the plan include: inviting 100 overseas experts and advisors for 100 regional governments and well-performed enterprises to provide consulting services in the fields of information, technology and management.

It is an important part of the "Project Prospects" jointly sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, the China Youth Development Foundation, and the China International Talents Exchange Center. Effective in 1993, the "Project Prospects" is a major social welfare project following the "Project Hope". This non-profitable undertaking is designed to promote the merger of the national economy with overseas information, projects, patents, technology, funds and other resources.

The "Double Hundred Plan" is carried out by the "Project Prospects" Office and supported by overseas liaison institutions in America, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Australia and other countries.

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