Southeast China Customs Seizes VCD Porn

Xiamen Customs in southeast China' s Fujian Province has foiled an attempt to smuggle over 4,880 pornographic discs out of China.

Customs said that this was the largest smuggling operation of its kind yet seen in Xiamen.

The batch of goods was detected Monday in an export container sent by a garment company in Beijing. The company had declared to Xiamen Customs that the goods were 435 boxes of sports sneakers worth 12,000 US dollars, which were destined for a Middle East country.

The owner of 85 boxes of the smuggled goods was someone surnamed Lin, and he is now under arrest. The smuggled goods were discovered under the bottom of the sneakers boxes.

Lin confessed that he and his father brought the pornographic material from Guangdong and Fujian provinces, and that they had planned to ship them to his brother who is touring the Middle East country.

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